Mockup of legal kiosk user interface
Mockup of Fix my rental homepage
Phone mockup of covid 19 eviction forms homepage
Mockup of Justice Passport mobile
Mockup of Philadelphia Municipal Courts home page
Mockup of California Courts Digital Services homepage

Hi, I'm Triana.

I'm a UX/Service Designer and Project Manager based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I specialize in creating simple experiences out of complex processes. I build tools that elevate the impact of public services and couple tech with social good. I'm passionate about designing solutions for people's most fundamental needs and I believe empathy is empowering.

Working with civic, legal, and non profit organizations to expand access and elevate impact

Bloom works logo

Bloom Works

Content Strategist

I am currently working to make information and services on more accessible and easier to understand for residents in San Francisco, CA.

A2J Tech logo

A2J Tech

Design Manager

UX & Service Designer

I led a team of five designers, our largest initiative, and managed an assortment of client projects building solutions for a variety of legal service organizations. I specialized in improving usability and increasing accessibility.


US Digital Response

Project Lead

As a volunteer Project Lead, I helped a county address eviction settlement workflows to streamline the application process for eviction relief and legal support.

Judicial Council of California logo

Judicial Council of California

Associate Analyst

I designed and developed the California Court’s first interactive digital tool. I also conducted user research, designed digital services, and created visual aids for complex laws and processes.

Athena Digital Design Agency logo

Athena Digital Design Agency

Web Designer

Created websites for small businesses and non-profits.

Selected Work

I have served as a strategist, designer, project lead, product manager, researcher, and facilitator. Learn more about the depth and breadth of my skills through a few of my past projects.

Mockup of legal kiosk user interface

Legal Kiosks

In my role as Service Area Lead, I am responsible for product and project management as well as designing the user interface.

Mockup of desktop and mobile Justice Passport app

Justice Passport

The Justice Passport helps people without lawyers navigate their legal case. As a product manager and designer on this project, I conducted user research, maintained the roadmap, and prioritized app features.

Mockup of Fix my rental homepage

As the designer on this project I wrangled with a complex law and legal jargon to help explain rights and responsibilities to tenants and landlords.

Phone mockup of covid 19 eviction forms homepage

COVID-19 Eviction Forms

Though no longer functional, this website helped people during the pandemic understand their legal rights and generate a letter to their landlord.

Mockup of California Courts Digital Services homepage

California Courts Design Sprint

As part of the Digital Services Team, I worked with designers, developers, and subject matter experts to ideate and design what a new, citizen-focused website could look like.

Mockup of Philadelphia Municipal Courts home page

Philadelphia Municipal Court Redesign

As the designer on this project, my main responsibilities involved conducting a plain language and usability review of the copy.

A bit about me

Headshot of Triana

I am currently serving as a Content Strategist for Bloom Works. Previously I worked as a Design Manager for A2J Tech, volunteered as a Project Lead for US Digital Response, and led California court system's first interactive digital tool.

I have a knack for distilling convoluted concepts into clear and concise copy. I am passionate about usability and accessibility. My background in research and data informs my process and fuels my emphasis on extracting insights from metrics.

Outside of work you can find me playing soccer, pursing a certificate in Urban Agroecology and Food Systems, working in preschool gardens, fighting for prison abolition, and stopping to smell the flowers.

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